motorizes decorative swing gates


The Telescopic Sliding and Swing Gate is an adaptation of the normal tracked sliding gate that can be opened like a normal swing gate used for modern day structures where space is of essence and a number of times there is lack of room. A telescopic gate reduces the packing distance required by a sliding gate by at least 90 percent. This makes it the ideal choice when the entry or exit road of the property has limited space to sacrifice for the gate parking area. Telescopic gates have two more gate leaves one behind the other which travel at varying speeds during operation to synchronize their starting and stopping positions. Almost any style of sliding gate can be converted into a telescopic swing gate


Tracked Sliding Gates are tough, reliable and very adaptable, they are widely used in the commercial and industrial sector. This gate is suitable for heavy duty applications, and will provide long life service with nominal maintenance. Sliding gates are the ideal choice when there is lack of space to install a swing gate. Since they slide horizontally on the side, they require very less common space. They move linearly, their design is flexible and versatile these gates are not subject to any limitations on operating convenience and can be used with remote control to code card readers that make them a favorite in industrial and commercial use.


Swing Gates are all about grandeur. The very sight of gates swinging open to greet you is very appealing. Apart from aesthetics, a swing gate may provide powerful security as well a swing gates may either be of single leaf type or double leaf type and will open up to 90 degrees in most cases. They require specific internal space. Swing gate are available in a number of designs and as always, we can custom design it as well. We provide automation solutions to automate swing gates as well. On the touch of a button or integrating access control, the gate can open or close automatically.


Ousus Steel Factory Security Gates are designed and developed as per the individual requirements of the projects. Our expertise lies in providing solutions in the form of
one of gates as well as gates that need to be integrated with perimeter fence for achieving that perfect blending support. Before arriving at a solution, our experienced team takes note of several design considerations. This ensures only the most compatible system is provided to the customers, be it in form of a small pedestrian gate or a large industrial gate. Further, these can also be provided with motorized or manual operation support as per the specific end usage requirements of the customers.