Ousus Steel Factory offers a comprehensive range of balustrades, handrails products in the kingdom.

From conception to completion, the designer is given every assistance by experienced personnel employed by Ousus Steel Factory.

This service includes concept drawings, samples, site surveys and detailed fabrication drawings, prompt quotations, manufacture and installation.


Commonly use as emergency or fire exit stairs.
Built and tested to withstand 0.89 kN/m concentrated load and 0.73kN/m uniform load without permanent deflection as stated in
the Code of practice for the design, construction and maintenance of straight stairs and winders.


We manufacture a wide range of a wall mounted handrail for various staircases. Here you can see a variety of wall mounted handrail system and brackets. We also offer a solution for small space wall mounting handrail.
Built the stair handrails, staircases with small spaces, Wall mounted handrails are required by law when the flights of the stairs are more than 1000mm wide, but restricted to stairs with 650mm wide. It has a minimum 50mm clearance to the wall for easy access and gripping.



• Conference and Convention Center
• 500 Linear Meters in total handrails
• 24 karat Gold platting is protected by Acrylic hard top coat to prevent scratches on the surface


Roof Anchors is perhaps the most proven fall protection anchor on the market. It is intended for permanent applications only, and is compatible for installation onto concrete base, anchor post are extended on the roof so that it is accessible both during and after roof construction, and is compatible for use with vertical lifelines, horizontal lifelines, and shock absorbing lanyards.
Anchor post is composed of durable, galvanized steel, a class A2 anchor specifed in EN795: 1997; and in addition a static strength of at least 12kN (providing a safety factor of 2), an excellent choice for nearly any fall protection application.


Ousus Steel Factory Roof Guardrails are fixed to the base with a high tensile bolt using it as a pivot point when folding it down to provide access for the window cleaning machine of the buildings.
Built and tested to International Standards to withstand 0.89 kN/m concentrated and 0.73 kN/m uniform load without permanent deflections.



Ousus Steel Factory Iron handrails with wood top rails provide a very graceful look with elegant curves, scrolls, & architectural details.
From simple rails to a variety of forged scrolls and castings, We can provide commercial and residential wrought iron that complements your building designs.


We have designed and fabricated a wide range of crowd barriers and gates for use in horseracing and equestrian tracks, Our barriers can be used in parade rings, winners’ enclosures, horse walkways or any other area where separation is required between horses and the general public. Even our Crowd Barrier systems are designed to absorb impact. The posts are strengthened that allows impact absorption.
All products meet the relevant legislation and guidelines set out by the Governing Body of the sport.


Steel fencing is used as roadside safety barriers to channel pedestrians to safe crossing locations.
Engineered to withstand vehicle impacts, Steel Pedestrian Fencing is suitable for both verge and median roadside applications. Steel Pedestrian Fencing is manufactured in accordance with state road authority specifications.



Considerably more slender and are not dominating
in the same way in many cases, they melt in with the surrounding environment as a part of the façade, can be built very high, without any extra supports, assuming that bracing can be carried out against the wall. Bracing can be achieved either by stepping o landings or special support angles constructed every revolution.
If there is no adjacent wall, bracing can be carried out with longitudinal support legs positioned outside the staircase diameter. Stair treads are designed
for a distributed load of 4.0kN/m2 or spot load of 3.0kN. Smooth & wall nished w/ primer paint+epoxy polyurethane paint.
The material combination of: Pipes 400mm DIA. For center column, Bended Checkered plates for riser/tread, I- beams & angle support for landing, combination of Pipe 50 mm DIA. For handrail& mounted with anchor bolt on the concrete base& wall. Built in accordance with the International safety Standards.



A Foot bridge is generally used to provide access over an obstacle, providing safety to personnel and reduces damage to the materials below foot bridges are made up of sections joined that forms a tunnel-like pass- through designed to protect pipes, hoses and cables as heavy equipment crosses over it. These Bridges are designed, for strength as well as portability.


Protect pipes, hoses and cables that are crucial to your buildings operation. These guard ramps allow heavy equipment to pass over obstacles up to any diameter and can accommodate equipment up to 160,000 pounds. Ramps are custom built and designed, for strength as well as portability.



Ousus Steel Factory Welded Steel Fixed Ladder is designed for safe docks and mezzanine access. This unit has a load rating safe for up to 300 lbs. (1.33 kN), applied at any point to produce the maximum load effect on the element being considered. The number and position of additional concentrated live load units shall be a minimum of 1 unit of 300 lb (1.33 kN) for every 10 ft (3,048 mm) of ladder height. The walks thru models have 1meter high handrails to increase safety.



Industrial Catwalk, Mezzanine and Maintenance Platform according to the specific requirements and specification of the building and site condition, these structures allow access between buildings, over machinery and equipment and to elevated areas of equipment or machinery that need regular attention. Catwalks are normally not for storage, Designed to carry a minimum uniformly distributed live load of 40psf (1.92kN/m2) and minimum concentrated live loads of 300lb (1.33kN) Our design meets International safety standards and prevailing building codes for industrial, manufacturing, commercial or military facilities.


We also fabricate custom access platforms for industrial and commercial settings. Maintenance platforms, and access platforms can mitigate fall hazards and provide safe access to machinery, equipment, and hard to reach areas in industrial and manufacturing environments. Designed to carry a uniformly distributed live load of 31.1kN/m2 and concentrated live loads of 3.57kN, for the regular maintenance purpose Ousus Steel Factory used a galvanized Pressure-lock gratings with a very small pitch of 22x22mm for the flooring to make sure that any item will not fall directly underneath during maintenance, grating panels are individually locked to the main frame enables it to open only a specific area.



The light weight combined with the tremendous strength of a checkered plate trench Covers translates into speed, productivity and increased system in reliability. Not only that this Trench Covers are light and easy to handle, but they will carry heavy truck on traffic. Checkered plate cover provides protection for the materials inside the pit and protection for the worker above the pit, with easy remove and fixes system its ideal for maintenance purposes.


Welded Steel Bar Grating is the most popular of all grating due to its strength, cost efficient production and ease installation. Used in most general industrial plants and commercial buildings, it has wide applications as walkways, platforms, safety barriers, drainage covers and ventilation grates. it also offers the Best Strength-to-Weight Ratio Available When extra-heavy loads are anticipated (such as a forklifts or trucks) Ousus Steel Factory can provide the heavy-duty grating you need to ensure safety over many years of use. it can be considered for areas subject to heavy loads such as parking lots, loading docks, ramps, airfields, truck and bus terminals, subway and tunnel ventilation grilles and inlet covers. These gratings meet the standards and load tables as set forth in ANSI/NAAMM MGB 532-00


A simple but elegant design, the Decorative Floor Grill is designed to cover drainage system of the washing station, with easy remove and fix system its ideal for maintenance purposes. We are always pleased to offer experimental coatings for specific projects.



A high-performance steel security fence with an appealing wrought iron fencing look, not only offers customized design flexibility but also unparalleled rail strength and fence durability. Security fence utilizes the High Quality Coating finish on pre-galvanized steel which provides a maintenance- free 5-year warranty against corrosion. The strength and durability of these items conforms to international standards.


Ousus Steel Factory’s decorative steel fences has redefined the commercial fence with strength that matches the level of security demanded, and styles that balance the distinctive look of wrought iron fence into a perimeter security fence system. Post and rails surpass the minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi to provide a complete protection to the perimeter


motorizes decorative swing gates


The Telescopic Sliding and Swing Gate is an adaptation of the normal tracked sliding gate that can be opened like a normal swing gate used for modern day structures where space is of essence and a number of times there is lack of room. A telescopic gate reduces the packing distance required by a sliding gate by at least 90 percent. This makes it the ideal choice when the entry or exit road of the property has limited space to sacrifice for the gate parking area. Telescopic gates have two more gate leaves one behind the other which travel at varying speeds during operation to synchronize their starting and stopping positions. Almost any style of sliding gate can be converted into a telescopic swing gate


Tracked Sliding Gates are tough, reliable and very adaptable, they are widely used in the commercial and industrial sector. This gate is suitable for heavy duty applications, and will provide long life service with nominal maintenance. Sliding gates are the ideal choice when there is lack of space to install a swing gate. Since they slide horizontally on the side, they require very less common space. They move linearly, their design is flexible and versatile these gates are not subject to any limitations on operating convenience and can be used with remote control to code card readers that make them a favorite in industrial and commercial use.


Swing Gates are all about grandeur. The very sight of gates swinging open to greet you is very appealing. Apart from aesthetics, a swing gate may provide powerful security as well a swing gates may either be of single leaf type or double leaf type and will open up to 90 degrees in most cases. They require specific internal space. Swing gate are available in a number of designs and as always, we can custom design it as well. We provide automation solutions to automate swing gates as well. On the touch of a button or integrating access control, the gate can open or close automatically.


Ousus Steel Factory Security Gates are designed and developed as per the individual requirements of the projects. Our expertise lies in providing solutions in the form of
one of gates as well as gates that need to be integrated with perimeter fence for achieving that perfect blending support. Before arriving at a solution, our experienced team takes note of several design considerations. This ensures only the most compatible system is provided to the customers, be it in form of a small pedestrian gate or a large industrial gate. Further, these can also be provided with motorized or manual operation support as per the specific end usage requirements of the customers.



Mechanical or Technical Rooms are modular and can be relocated or fixed to the buildings or structures, made of pre-coated Aluminum sheets and thermally insulated panels. They have the strength of steel, the aesthetic appeal of modern construction, as well as the cost effectiveness of modern steel structures. Steel Cabins are light weight and have very effective heat and sound insulation.


Designed to close storage area, maintenance Shaft, Electrical rooms, this heavy-duty steel door is designed for tough condition, material infill may vary according to its purpose polyurethane foams and mineral Rockwool are just common material infill, Material combination : Galvanized sheet, mild steel frames or door jamb, heavy duty cylindrical hinges and lock set, galvanize with polyurethane paint top coat.


Ousus Steel Factory Access Doors give easy access to mechanical, electrical and plumbing fixtures behind a wall. Our flexible manufacturing takes the hassle out of custom sizing, materials.


Ousus Steel Factory fabricates access panels and has the experience and capability to meet your every need. Whether your requirement is for applications specifying drywall, plaster, masonry, tile or other surface types, We offers a full line of access doors: fire rated, general purpose, recessed, security, special application, We also has the ability to create access doors in special dimensions and to design and manufacture your custom access doors.


Our clients can avail from us a comprehensive range of Tensile Fabric or PVC car sheds are both known for their superior quality and reasonable prices. These are available in the both standard as well as customized options. Our range of product is widely appreciated by our clients throughout the kingdom for their various notable features such as withstand adverse weather conditions, high durability and optimum quality. Designing and developing a unique collection of Car Parking Sheds. We process these sheds using high grade raw material which we acquire from authentic vendors across the market. These sheds have good resistance to adverse weather conditions and require less maintenance. Moreover, these sheds add an aesthetic beauty to the exteriors. Our light weight sheds are easy to install and are available at industrial leading prices.



Column cladding, allows to cover any kind of surface. It is actually a light cladding made of a modular system of panels of different shapes, heights and colors hooked and a load-bearing structure that can be installed on any existing wall. This system allows to vary a building architectural aspect without any kind of structural intervention or change. Being able to place column cladding at a distance from the wall means to obtain a ventilated wall, able to protect the building’s wall structures from erosion, atmospheric factors and deterioration. Column cladding meets the need to cover support columns usually present in any kind of building. Obtained aesthetic effect has a modern and original impact in addition to being suitable to uncountable variations


Wood cladding is an exterior finish for a structure which is made from wood. There are a number of different types of wood cladding available, from engineered wood panels to traditional clap board siding. Ousus Steel factory is known for its versatility in fabrication of Steel frames adapting to any architectural design or concept.


A huge diameter, 41 mtr Dome is supported by a steel structure fabricated and designed by Ousus steel factory to catty the load for the GFRC ceiling and roof.


Wood cladding is an exterior finish for a structure which is made from wood. There are a number of different types of wood cladding available, from engineered wood panels to traditional clap board siding. Ousus Steel factory is known for its versatility in fabrication of Steel frames adapting to any architectural design or concept.


High quality fabricated steel frame structures make it possible to create spacious and adaptable interiors. Steel is the perfect choice for strong, light and slender frame structures. The benefits of our steel frame structures are Standard components can be easily tailored for the needs of each project. Steel frames are quick and safe to install. Our solutions support an easy design phase. With careful design of the frame structure and thorough planning of installation, we can also improve the safety of construction workers. The optimum clear height and column spacing are often achieved with our standard solutions. In more complex cases, Ousus Steel Factory offers a project-specific design to ensure the best, most economical solution for the client’s need.